We’ll help you sell your house fast in Kailua! We’ll buy it from you in weeks, in cash, in any condition.

Hi, we’re Crowne Properties, home investors who will pay cash for your house. We buy houses anywhere in Kailua, so if you’re trying to sell your house fast, we can help.

We’re a family-owned company dedicated to helping homeowners anywhere in Kailua that are in tough situations. No matter why you’re here, we understand that selling your home can be a tough, stressful, and difficult product – especially if your home has become a burden, and you’re facing foreclosure, behind on mortgage payments, or just don’t want to go through the whole realtor process.

We work with homeowners in the area who have properties involved in/with inheritance, pre-foreclosure, relocation, retirement, tired landlords, divorce, and many more situations.

If you’re going through a major hardship in life, and need a quick home sale, talk to us today – we want to be in your corner.

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Why work with us?

  • We’ll buy your property in as quickly as 7 days.
  • We’re ethical house buyers – we’re honest, open, and here to help you each step of the way (read more about us here or below).
  • We pay cash for your house, as-is: no matter what shape it’s in, or how much work it needs.
  • We pay your closing costs.
  • There are no fees or commissions like you’d pay when you list with a realtor.

Work with cash home buyers in Kailua who you can trust.

It’s no secret that lots of companies buy homes quickly in Kailua – but here are a few things that set us apart from them:

We’re motivated & knowledgeable.

Our goal is to help you out of your stressful or tough situation, and offer you a deal that works for you, and for us. We know what we’re doing.

We’re ethical.

That means that we strive to do win-win deals that are in your best interest. We won’t ever pressure you to take our deal, and you’re never obligated to take our offer. Instead, we’ll give you the time and space you need to think it over, and make sure it’s the right decision for you. Finally, we pay fair offers for the value of your home.

We’re resourceful, and we’ll give you multiple options.

Our team of professionals has the integrity to follow up on our promises, give your multiple options, and the expertise to navigate any transaction to ensure you’re fully informed to make the best decision possible.

Who we help & work with.

We pay cash for homes in Kailua from anyone, but here are a few types of people we can especially help:

  • Avoid foreclosure
  • Relocate
  • Inherited property
  • Don’t want to make repairs or list
  • Looking for a short sale.

Benefits of selling to us.

Realtors are great options for a lot of homeowners, often helping you earn the most money for your home. But if a realtor can’t help you, or isn’t a good fit for you – here are a few benefits we bring to the table…

  1. You don’t have to list your house on the market.
  2. We handle closing costs and paperwork.
  3. We buy houses as-is, no matter how ugly or in need of repair they are.
  4. We can close in less than 30 days.

So if you’re here because you were looking for someone to buy your house fast, then contact us today or fill out the form to request an offer!

How it works.

  • First, contact us to let us know you’re interested. We’ll work to get in touch with you as quickly as possible and set up a time where we can come meet you, learn more about your situation, and do a quick inspection to determine the value of your home.
  • If it’s a good fit, and we’re able to help, we’ll make a cash offer and you can think it over – no pressure or obligation to take it.
  • If you decide you want to take our offer, just let us know when and we’ll work to close on your timeline. We’ll handle the paperwork with the bank, cover your closing costs, and you don’t pay anything. We’ll pay you in cash for your home and you can walk away.

Still have questions? No problem, we’re happy to talk with you and answer your questions, give you more information. Or you can read more about how the process works here.

We buy houses in Kailua – any condition – in cash – in weeks.

We work with homeowners in any of these situations:

  • Homeowners facing foreclosure, and trying to avoid the proceedings and preserve their credit, who need a quick sale.
  • Someone who just got a new job in a different city or State, and needs to sell their home as quickly as possible and doesn’t want the hassle of listing it on the market.
  • People who realtors can’t help.
  • Homeowners who inherited a house that they don’t want the hassle or responsibility of repairing, maintaining and listing on the market.
  • Or any other situation!

If you’re looking for cash home buyers in Kailua who can help you sell your home as fast as possible, we’d love to talk with you!

Deciding between selling for cash, or listing with a realtor.

First, it’s important to know that a realtor is a great option for a lot of homeowners. In fact, for most people, they’ll help you earn the most money on your property. But they aren’t for everyone.

So what should you do?

Well, if your home is in great shape, and you’re not in any rush to sell, or you have the ability to keep making payments on your home while the realtor finds you the right buyers – then an agent is probably your best bet.

However, if you don’t have the ability to wait – and need a sale now – or if a realtor can’t help you unless you spend all kinds of money making repairs, and it looks like you won’t really earn that much with them, then we may be a better fit.

We can offer you cash in as quickly as 7 days. You won’t need to keep paying utility payments, insurance payments, etc.

We’ll buy your house as-is, on your timeline.

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We work with homeowners anywhere in Oahu.

We buy cash homes in these cities in Oahu, Hawaii, so if you have a property in that area, we’ll be happy to talk to you about that as well!